Forum Title: Narrow striping machine for between vehicles
Hey guys, I'm getting ready to bid some truck stops and am worried about how I'm going to get between two trucks (if needed) to paint a line. They are 60 foot lines so hand painting is probably not gonna happen. On normal stalls I'll paint as much as I can with the machine and then either tape the rest or hand paint it depending on how much is left. I'm wondering if you guys have any creative solutions for this problem? I know that titan has a side striper but it looks a little dicey. I need your wisdom....Again!
Category: Paving Post By: MINNIE PADILLA (Avondale, AZ), 12/12/2019

I hope you can get almost all of it done with your machine. You can make a wooden stencil with a couple of boards nailed across with another piece of wood. Place sum 1/2 supports under the stencil to keep it suspend above the paving and then you can paint several lines without your stencil getting sloppy. If you need it will get you a picture.

- TINA SULLIVAN (Escondido, CA), 01/31/2020

That Titan side liner is the way to go, but I don't know if they are even made anymore. Wood strips work too, it just depends on how much room you have. I would make them sign a waiver, you don't want to be responsible for any issues.

- CHARLENE NORRIS (Union City, CA), 01/31/2020

We took a can striper 4 wheeled and made a 5/8 rod gun mount on it. Just slide the gun mount with gun from you machine onto it and and paint away. Hardest part was adapting the trigger cable. We put some weights in it to make it more stable and switch to a 315 tip so can go slow. I wouldn't think semis would ever be parked so close together that you couldn't get between them.

- MITCHELL VAZQUEZ (Tacoma, WA), 01/31/2020

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