Forum Title: LL5 pumping intermittantly, then stopped.
My LL5 has a problem. It started last week when I turned the pump pressure up to start recirculating paint thru the machine at startup. It would run, then stop, then run again. Turning up the pressure yielded no results nor did the engine bog down from the load. I decided to flush the system with acetone ( we use SW setfast) and after that it seems to work normally for that job. Fired it up last night to do a small job and it wouldnt pump even it I turned the pressure all the way up. Anybody had this problem before? Thanks
Category: Paving Post By: BARRY MONTGOMERY (Santa Clara, CA), 12/05/2019

Could be a clogged pressure sensor. Acetone paint tends to be chunky and may have clogged it....Quick and easy to check and clean.

- MARGARET RODRIGUEZ (Tampa, FL), 01/31/2020

yes, its on the back side of the filter cannister, but upon further thought I would check the primer valve first. Its super easy to take off. Pay attention as there's a small washer on the threads (if memory serves). If your primer valve is clogged it might act the same way.

- KEN SHARP (Gastonia, NC), 01/31/2020

That sounds about right. Any idea where it’s located?

- JEANETTE WADE (Parma, OH), 01/31/2020

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